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I am hoping they will demonstrate why it curation matters as they seek sense share their way to long and short form ‘texts’ that they will be writing all semester. That will include essays, tweets, G+ community posts, blog posts, research papers, emails, plusses, favs,

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Milka,borse louis vuitton, a chocolate brand launched a campaign “Dare to be tender” for its French customers in hopes of promoting the message itself. This is done by taking out the last piece of chocolate and inviting the consumer to choose whether he/she would like to save the last piece for themselves or; send it to someone they care about through a personalized message via micro site. It is relevant to IMC as it gives an opportunity for the consumer […]

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Claus Guth

A hard to please girly friend txt before now based in Salzburg re: The premiere of the actual brand new Cosi follower Tutte (previously OC) yesterday around Salzburg: “most efficient Cosi ever previously very,

appear to Guth rocked,louis vuitton delightful, Leonard since well,

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